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Brauer - Nyda Express Single Pack 50mL

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NYDA® express is a scientifically proven lice treatment that does not contain any neurotoxic pesticides.

NYDA® express is designed to kill head lice and their eggs using a physical mode of action rather than chemical insecticide (knock down). NYDA® express contains two dimethicones (silicone oils), which seep into the breathing holes of lice and eggs, blocks their oxygen supply which rapidly suffocates and kills them. This physical mode of action means that even head lice and eggs which have built up a resistance to chemical treatments (knockdown resistance) are still eliminated.

Using silicone oils means NYDA® express does not have the harsh, unpleasant chemical odours of some insecticide-based head lice treatments. NYDA® express has been shown to be well tolerated by all ages including pregnant women and infants.

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