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Dermeze Treatment Ointment 500g

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oitment moisture intensity

Extremely Dry

Dermeze Treatment Ointment was originally developed by the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, to care for babies’ dry skin, but is suitable for use in all age groups, including babies and the elderly. This ointment for dry skin is very effective at protecting the skin’s moisture barrier by hydrating and sealing in the skin’s own moisture to help soothe very dry skin. For extra cooling action, try storing Dermeze Treatment Ointment in the fridge during the warmer months.

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    • Helps soothe and protect extremely dry, sensitive skin
    • Simple formulation tested for use on sensitive skin
    • Suitable for the whole family
    • Fragrance free
    • pH balanced
    • Colour free
    • Preservative free
    • Suitable for all ages, including babie
    • Dermatologist tested as non-irritant
    • Paraben free

INGREDIENTS Petrolatum (White Soft Paraffin)
Paraffinum Liquidum/Mineral Oil (Liquid Paraffin)
Emollient / Skin protecting
Directions for Use

Apply Dermeze Treatment Ointment for dry skin liberally 3-5 times per day depending on your skin’s moisture needs.

Use after bathing or showering and massage well into appropriate areas.

Partner with Dermeze Moisturising Soap Free Wash to gently cleanse your skin leaving it clean and feeling soft.

To enhance cooling action Dermeze Treatment Ointment can be stored in the fridge (do not fre

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