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Ear Clear Swimmers Ear 40mL

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Earclear swimmer's ear has a dual action formula that treats and prevents swimmer's ear. It contains  isopropyl alcohol & acetic acid. The isopropyl alcohol acts by drying up the moisture. The acetic acid assists in prevention by restoring an acid pH, making the skin less susceptible to infection.

This solution can be used every time the ear comes in contact with water to dry up the excess water and prevent the condition from occurring.

Swimmer’s ear is an inflammation or infection of the skin lining the outer ear canal. It is caused by conditions that cause moisture to be trapped in the ear canal such as swimming, tropical weather or a build-up of wax in the ear. 


Acetic Acid 16.5mg/mL Isopropyl Alcohol 633mg/mL Contains: Hydroxybenzoates 2mg/mL as a preservative.

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