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Fisiocrem Joint Ease 100g

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Product Description:

Fisiocrem Joint Ease is a topical gel that offers more than just pain relief. It contains two additional botanical actives in addition to the clinically proven power of fisiocrem Solugel. This innovative gel is specifically formulated for mild forms of rheumatic diseases, including mild arthritis and osteoarthritis symptoms. Its low odor, discrete, and non-greasy formula provides rapid pain relief, improves inflammation and stiffness, and promotes healthy joint function and mobility.

Size and Brand:

This product comes in a 100g size and is manufactured by Fisiocrem, a trusted brand in the medicinal industry.

Directions for Use:

To use, simply apply a few grams of the gel to the affected area three to four times daily or as needed. Always read the label and follow the directions for use.


Fisiocrem Joint Ease contains natural ingredients such as Boswellia serrata sap concentrated resin extract, Nigella sativa seed oil, Menthol, Arnica montana flower liquid extract, Calendula officinalis flower liquid extract, Hypericum perforatum flower liquid extract, and Melaleuca alternifolia leaf essential oil. These ingredients work together to provide effective pain relief, improve joint inflammation and stiffness, and promote healthy joint mobility.

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