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Flo Sinus Care Starter Kit – bottle with 12 sachets

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For nasal & sinus relief, breathe easier.

Go with the flo!

For nasal and sinus relief, try Flo Sinus Care is Australia’s No. 1 Sinus Wash*. It is an effective sinus irrigation or wash kit designed to help relieve nasal and sinus symptoms due to:

  • sinus congestion / sinusitis
  • colds
  • hay fever and allergies

How can Flo Sinus Care help?

Flo Sinus Care is a non-medicated, preservative-free, isotonic irrigation solution for washing the nasal passages,  sinus cavities and back of the throat where allergens, germs or any other irritants breathed in may lodge.

Where airborne allergens, germs and irritants can lodge

It’s gentle enough to use daily and helps thin and wash away excess mucus and clear airborne irritants, germs and allergens from the nose and sinuses.

A sinus wash kit can also be helpful for those with rhinitis of pregnancy who experience nasal symptoms like sneezing, blocked or runny nose. These symptoms can be quite common during pregnancy.

It may also be used with other medicated nasal sprays so ask your health professional for more details about this.

What is special about Flo Sinus Care?

When pre-boiled water is added to a sachet of Flo Sinus Care powder, it produces a solution which closely resembles the body’s own tissue fluids. Flo Sinus Care’s bottle is also designed to deliver a high volume of solution at a low pressure, resulting in an effective way to wash or irrigate the nose and sinus cavities. A saline nasal spray does not deliver the same volume of solution and will only reach the lower portion of the nasal cavities. If a more through cleanse is needed, a sinus wash is more beneficial and can often provide more relief.

How to use Flo Sinus Care

Using this large volume of solution helps wash the nasal passages, sinus cavities and the upper portion of the throat to gently remove excess mucus containing airborne irritants, germs, or allergens such as dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke particles etc.

How Flo Sinus Care washes away irritants, germs and allergens in the nose, sinuses and back of throat

Watch the short how to video  on Flo Sinus Care. With a little practice, this sinus wash can be performed in less than 30 seconds and is very easy to administer in the comfort of your home. Always follow directions and for a more comfortable experience, keep an open mouth whilst using Flo Sinus Care (as shown here).
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