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Product Description:

Introducing Leukoband Lite, the perfect solution for compression and support. This lightweight, hand-tearable, elastic adhesive bandage offers a unique blend of flexibility and strength.

Features: Leukoband Lite stands out with its convenient features:

  • Quick and easy application, making it an excellent choice for over-wrapping Leuko Sportstape during proactive taping.
  • The combination of special cotton and polyurethane construction provides both durability and conformity when applied to joints and muscles.
  • Each roll has a stretched length of 6.5m, ensuring sufficient coverage.

Benefits: Choose Leukoband Lite and experience the following benefits:

  • Ideal for active sports enthusiasts of all kinds, offering reliable compression and support during physical activities.
  • Confirms well to the body while remaining light and cool, ensuring optimal comfort.

Leukoband Lite is the go-to choice for those seeking a lightweight, flexible, and effective adhesive bandage. Discover its superior performance and enjoy the support you need during your active lifestyle.

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