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Licener Complete Solution Single Pack 100mL

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Licener All In One Head Lice Treatment an all in one head lice treatment that kills lice and eggs in one easy application. No combing required to be effective and clinically tested.

- Clinically tested.
- Dermatologically tested.
- Natural plant-based.
- Suitable for both adults and children from 2 years.
- Non-flammable.

Why Licener?
Licener Complete Solution helps get head lice out of your home quickly and easily' This all in one treatment kills both head lice and eggs in just 10 minutes The clinically tested shampoo requires no combing to be effective, Is gentle on normal skin and hair, does not sling and has little odour.

Suitable For: Adults and children from 2 years.

Size: 100mL

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