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LifeSmart Two Plus Blood Glucose Test Strips 100

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Product Description:

Experience accurate and convenient blood glucose monitoring with the Pack of 100 Blood Glucose Test Strips. These strips are designed for use with the LifeSmart™ Smart Blood Glucose Monitor plus β-Ketone Monitoring System, which seamlessly connects to your smartphone (Android or Apple). With the free app, you can effortlessly transfer, view, and analyze your glucose data in real time, giving you the flexibility to share your results with healthcare professionals, dieticians, or family members.


specifications that ensure reliable and precise measurements. The GDH-FAD enzyme type and 1.0 μL sample size provide quick and accurate readings within 5 seconds. The measurement range spans from 10 to 700 mg/dL (0.56 to 38.89 mmol/L), accommodating a wide range of glucose levels. The strips are also equipped to handle hematocrit levels from 0% to 70% and deliver a precision of ±5% with respect to the standard. The accuracy is ±15 mg/dL if ≤ 100 mg/dL and ±15% if > 100 mg/dL.


It's important to note that the blood should not be applied on the top of the strip, and touching any area of the strip will not affect the glucose reading. The sensor's chemical components include 8% Glucose dehydrogenase (E.Coli), 55% Electron shuttle, 8% Enzyme protector, and 29% Non-reactive ingredients.

Choose the Pack of 100 Blood Glucose Test Strips for reliable and convenient glucose monitoring. Keep your diabetes management on track and effortlessly track and share your data for effective communication with your healthcare team.

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