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Mepilex Border Flex Lite 4cm x 5cm Dressing 10 Pack

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Product Description:

Mepilex Border Flex Lite 4cm x 5cm Dressing 10 Pack

Thin All-in-One Foam Dressing for Low-Exuding Wounds


Mepilex Border Flex Lite is a versatile and innovative solution for wound dressing. This thin all-in-one foam dressing is specifically designed for low-exuding wounds, making it suitable for both chronic wounds and acute secondary healing wounds. Its unique features and design allow for effective and comfortable wound care, even in difficult-to-dress areas such as feet and toes, hands and fingers.

Conformable Design for Challenging Areas:

The low-profile design of Mepilex Border Flex Lite ensures excellent conformability, enabling it to adapt to the contours of the body and provide optimal coverage for wounds in challenging areas. Whether it's postoperative incisions, traumatic wounds, sutured wounds, or chronic wounds, this dressing offers a secure and comfortable fit.

Safetac® Technology for Gentle Adhesion and Pain-Free Removal:

With its Safetac® technology, Mepilex Border Flex Lite ensures a less-painful dressing experience for patients. The silicone adhesive layer is designed to gently adhere to the skin without causing damage or trauma during removal. This means minimal pain and discomfort for patients, allowing for hassle-free dressing changes. Additionally, the dressing can be easily repositioned without compromising its adhesive properties. Patients can even wear it in the shower, enhancing convenience and flexibility.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Thin and conformable design ideal for dressing wounds on feet and toes, hands and fingers
  • Discrete appearance for uninterrupted daily activities
  • Safetac technology minimizes pain and trauma during dressing changes
  • Maintains a moist wound environment for optimal healing conditions

When to Use Mepilex Border Flex Lite:

Mepilex Border Flex Lite is suitable for a wide range of low-exuding wounds. Whether it's chronic wounds like diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers, or acute secondary healing wounds such as postoperative incisions or traumatic wounds, this all-in-one foam dressing provides the necessary support and moist wound environment for effective wound healing. It is particularly useful for wounds in challenging areas, ensuring comprehensive wound care and patient comfort.

Note: Always consult with a healthcare professional for proper wound assessment and treatment recommendations.

Choose Mepilex Border Flex Lite for advanced wound care that promotes healing and enhances patient comfort.

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