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Metamucil Smooth Orange 114 Dose 673g

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Metamucil® Is A Multi-Health Fibre Made With 100% Natural Psyllium. Maintains regularity and supports a healthy gut.

Take Metamucil® daily to help maintain regularity and improves your health in 4 ways:(1) Feel lighter and more active, (2) Helps gut's natural toxin removal process via cleansing effect, (3) Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, (4) Is a daily cleanser for your insides

Metamucil® is a daily fibre supplement that contains 100% natural psylllium husk.

Size: 673g


• To restore and maintain regularity
• To help lower cholesterol levels
• Multi-Health Fibre with 100% Natural Psyllium
• Metamucil contains no chemical stimulants, no added sugar and is gluten-free
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