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Neutralice Advanced Family Pack 475ml

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NeutraLice Advance Lotion Kit Family Value Pack 475ml kills head lice and their eggs.

NeutraLice Advance is one of a new generation of suffocant head lice treatments. NeutraLice Advance stuns the lice respiratory spiracles open and blocks them to physically prevent the louse breathing. The lice die from asphyxia and dehydration. They can then be easily removed as this breaks their grip on the hair shaft. Lice do not develop resistance as NeutraLice Advance has a physical mode of action. Clinically proven*
* Barker S.C. et al. BMC Dermatology 2010, 10:6.

Size: 475mL


• • Fast and effective treatment technology
• • Family value pack 475ml
• • Kills head lice and their eggs
• • Clinically proven
• • Suitable for senstive skin
• • Easy to use
• • Includes a metal comb


Contains: Water, Benzyl alcohol, Mineral Oil, Polysorbate 80, Sorbitan monooleate, Carbopol 934 and Triethanolamine
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