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Opti-Soothe Moist Heat Mask

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Introducing the Opti-Soothe Moist Heat Mask, a revolutionary solution for dry eye and other eye-related conditions. This mask is designed to provide you with effective relief and features innovative HydroBead™ technology that absorbs moisture from the air and releases a natural, constant moist heat.

The Opti-Soothe Moist Heat Mask is a convenient addition to your daily routine. Simply microwave the mask for 25 seconds (in an 800W microwave) or 15 seconds (in a 900W+ microwave), test the temperature with your fingers, and apply to your closed eyes for 10 minutes per treatment, or as recommended by your eye care specialist.


The Opti-Soothe Moist Heat Mask contains HydroBead™ technology (silica beads) for superior moisture absorption and release.

Warnings and Disclaimers:

It is important to note that the Opti-Soothe Moist Heat Mask is for external use only, and should not be used for any other purposes. Do not share your mask and avoid applying it to sensitive skin or open wounds. This product should not be used by people with poor circulation, a reduced ability to feel sensation, diabetes, recent eye surgery, or any medical condition that affects the eyes or the skin around the eyes. Seek medical advice if symptoms persist or worsen.

The Opti-Soothe Moist Heat Mask is not recommended for use while sleeping, and should be inspected regularly for signs of wear or damage. Keep out of reach of children, and store at room temperature. The head straps in this product contain latex.

Experience the relief and comfort of the Opti-Soothe Moist Heat Mask, and order yours today!

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