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Optimel Manuka Dry Eye Drops 10ml

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Optimel Manuka Dry Eye Drops 10ml

Optimel Manuka Dry Eye Drops help to stabilise the surface health of the eye, reducing symptoms of sore, irritated eyes and eyelids caused by dry eye. The low pH of the eye drops acts on bacteria that may colonise the traumatised surface of the eye. When applied to the eye, the drops create an environment that supports healing and prevents further damage. They can significantly reduce Colony Forming Units (CFUs) in patients with tear deficiency and meibomian gland disease, reducing the potential susceptibility to bacterial conjunctivitis and keratitis. The only side effects noted are stinging and redness. Optimel Manuka Dry Eye Drops are available in a 10ml size. They contain Leptospermum sp Honey, Sodium Chloride, and Benzoic Acid, which is a widely used food preservative. Please follow all the warnings and disclaimers carefully before using the drops.

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