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Poise Liners Regular 26

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Poise provides discreet protection against bladder leakage with 3in1 protection that a period liner can't provide.

Poise Regular Liners for Bladder Leaks offer discreet protection against light bladder leakage. Providing additional coverage to period liners, they absorb bladder leaks commonly experienced when sneezing, coughing or laughing. Experience Poise 3 in 1 Bladder Protection to enjoy comfort, dryness and odour control. You've got Poise to keep you feeling feminine, confident and in control.

Boxed Contents: 26 Liners

Size: 26 Pack


• 3-in-1 Bladder Protection Comfort, Dryness and Odour Control
• Trusted and reliable LBL protection 4 layer design quickly absorbs and locks away wetness into the super absorbent ABSORB-LOC core.
• Ultimate dryness and freshness Soft, quick dry cover keeps you dry and comfortable all day. Change as required.
• Comfortable protection Cotton-like and breathable to help you feel fresh all day.
• 4x Drier than leading Period Liners
• All Day Comfort Designed to hold its shape all day without scrunching, bunching, twisting or curling.
• Fragrance Free with No Added Nasties* *No added azo dyes, natural rubber latex, elemental chlorine or other chemicals restricted by Kimberly-Clark
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