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Scholl Liquiflex Extra Support Insole Large 1 pair

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Product Description:

Scholl LiquiFlex™ Extra Support Insoles

Scholl LiquiFlex™ Extra Support Insoles are designed by leading podiatrists with 5-in-1 technology, providing customized comfort and support to your feet all day long. The LiquiFlex™, Memory Foam, and GelActiv® technology work together to adjust to the shape of your feet and movements, preventing tired feet.

Pressure Relief:

The innovative LiquiFlex™ Pod contains viscose liquid, providing up to 82% better shock absorption compared to no insole.


The Scholl Memory Foam molds to your feet, providing 150% more cushioning compared to no insole.

All Day Support:

The Scholl LiquiFlex™ insoles define your heel cup and arch for all-day support.

Spring Effect:

Rebound Gel Activ® insoles also provide all-day support with a spring effect.

Fresh Feeling:

The insoles feature an odour-resistant top cloth to guard against odour and keep your feet cool and dry.

Easily Cut to Size: Scholl LiquiFlex™ Extra Support Insoles are designed for work shoes and boots and can be easily cut to size for a perfect fit.


Remove your shoes' current insoles if they are removable. Use the sizing guide and trim along the line in the toe area that matches your shoe size or use the original insole as a guide. Insert the Scholl LiquiFlex Insoles with the LiquiFlex pod facing down. The insole should lay flat, and additional trimming may be required for a perfect fit.

Warnings, Storage & Disposal:

If discomfort or rubbing occurs, stop use. Do not use in contact with broken or irritated skin. If exposed to the content of the pod, flush the exposed area with water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. Adding or replacing components of certified shoes may affect the certification.

Scholl LiquiFlex™ Extra Support Insoles are made in China.

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